Few ways to Increase your Facebook likes

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Nowadays Facebook has become a good communication media and Brilliant Marketing and Advertising media.Most of facebook users are trying use facebook fan pages for there collect customers and build up there businesses.Lot of them have same question.

How can we Growing Facebook Likes ?? What is the best way  to do this??There are many ways to increase your facebook fan count but you have to make an effort to collect some effective likes.Lets start it.

Be Friendly:-answer to every questions from your fans and keep connectivity  among your business and your fans. also you can discover ideas and intent of your fans.It can make strong fan base.

Advertising on Facebook:-Advertising on facebook is a good and quicker way to collect good amount of fans(likes),but it is not a free service if you want to promote your fan page you have to pay to facebook .you have to spend some money for use this method.

Like Buttons:If you have a blog/web site  you can add social Plugin like box  to your web site you can collect large number of likes through this way.

Organize a Competition:- Organize a Competition between your fans such as Quiz and Likes Collecting Competitions and You have to give Presents to winners.

Update Your Fan page:- Do you want to enhance your fan count?? You have to update your fan pages frequently for keep fans attention on your businesses.If you have a blog you can synchronize new content with your facebook fan page ,because facebook users love to receiving new contents on facebook.

Special Offers:-You can give Special Offers for your Facebook fans.and give discount codes for some of them .It encourage to be a fan of your fan page.

News Letters:- Do you send newsletters among employees and Clients?? ,You can add a link to your fan page on your emails to inform your Clients and employees about your fan page.

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