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First of all we have to know about features of SEO friendly Website.That Feature have a capability to get more traffic and make your rank.Follow this Tips for make a SEO friendly website.

Flash Pages should not be included in your website:-
Because Search engines does not read flash contents.  If you add flash pages in your Website it will enhance Loading time of your website.It can make bad effects to your Website.Don’t use flash for make slideshows,Animations etc, Use Javascripts, Jquery ,CSS instead .

User Friendly URLs:-
Make sure your website URLs also useful for increase traffic in your website.You have to make your URLs SEO friendly For get better traffic. user friendly URLs haven’t any Special characters such as ampersand mark Question mark etc. this is not a SEO friendly URL. this URL is better for SEO than first one.You can make your URLs with proper keywords for get a good traffic don’t forget to keep your URLs shorter .

Don’t forget to put “alt” attribute in every “img” tag:-

You should have to mindful for Use alt attribute in Every img tag ,Because search Engines haven’t ability to see images on your web site then you have to type Description about image witch is in your img tag.


Don’t Use frames on your web pages Because some of search engines can’t read Contents within Frames .

Site Structure:-

If you are web developer don’t forget to Link your Logo to home page and place your search bar in appropriate place on your web page  which is visitors wish to see that and Select a suitable template for your web page,as a example if you design a fancy template for a news site it can makes visitors confuse,therefore you have to select appropriate Site structure first.

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