What is Copyscape and how does it help?

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Copyscape is a web site that we can use it for protect our Offline and Online articles/contents.
What does it do:-
It’s very useful tool for Bloggers/article writers Because it can find out Copied Contents in few seconds.
Are your Web/Blog Articles Unique:-
If you wand to check it, you have to go to Copyscape.com then you have to copy your web site URL and paste it on Address Box like this.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection Software

then Press GO button to get the result.Now you can see few results it will be 7 or 6 results with few lines of content which copied from you .Did you Click one of this result title.you can  see a web page  with copied content which is stole from you and specially you can see copied contents with highlighted color.

If you want to get more results :-

You have to Buy a Premium account. You have two options to select.

Premium account types:-

Copyscape standard (Weekly Protection):-Your Web content will be checked every week.

Copyscape Professional  ( Daily Protection ):-Your web content will be checked every day.

You can buy one of this packages for Better Content Protection.They give you a extra options with every premium Account  to check your offline content. If you buy Articles from Article writers you can check the uniqueness of  Articles before you buy it.

That’s all.

Watch this Video for get an idea ….

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