10 Essential Things Your E-Commerce Site Should Have

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Most Popular Product List

People Loves to Know about Popular Items and High Rated Products.Sometimes It will helpful for your customers to choose the best product. Popular posts are helpful for keep your visitors more time on your web site.

Trust Mark

You Can get Security certificate from external party.It will be encourage your customers to Include his/her private data to your eCommerce system.


Make a Clear Neat and unique Logo for your online store it will really helpful to your customers to recognize your store and also remind your store name.

Place your Products

Don’t include your whole product list on your home page it will slowdown your online site.so you have to add few special products on your home page such as special discounted products and branded products .

Shopping cart

Place your Shopping cart button on right top corner of your online store.most customers are familiar with that formal.If you want to add a shopping cart icon for your shopping cart button,add something similar to shopping cart.

You have to Place your search bar and login box also with your shopping cart mostly in right top corner.mindful to place these three items in every page .

Payment systems

Most of online stores display there payment methods (pay pal,Cash on Delivery,Credit cart, Debit card)on there online store.I is very helpful to customers to identify that they can deal with this web store or not.better to place your payment method logos on bottom of your web store.

Social media Links

Social media Links helpful you to keep connectivity between online store and your customers.Also you can inform your fans about hot deals and special offers  and it will be a great way to enhance your revenue.Most of Online store owners place there Social media links on header area.

Contact Number

If there any customer who don’t like to contact with emails they can use contact number for get details about products and anything else.Better place to place your contact number is header area.most of visitors hope  that on your header area.

Hot deals and Special Offers

Don’t forget your visitors love to special offers and free shipping.Place special offers ,discounted products on your home page It will induce your customers to see your store.

Add to cart Button

Most of visitors hope yours Add to cart button right after the product price.If you place this Add to Cart button on other place your visitors will confuse  and you will miss your deal.

These are the main thinks you should add to your Online store for  enhance your revenue and give a good service to your customers.

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