Make New Hello World WordPress Plugin

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WordPress is a sophisticated  Blogging platform and and genuine and popular CMS between web developers.Plugins are on of major part of wordpress that we can use for enhance features and abilities of wordpress. In this lesson I’m going to make a simple hello world plugin.first of all you have to have an idea about fundamentals of php. 1st step:- first […]

Few ways to Increase your Facebook likes

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Nowadays Facebook has become a good communication media and Brilliant Marketing and Advertising media.Most of facebook users are trying use facebook fan pages for there collect customers and build up there businesses.Lot of them have same question. How can we Growing Facebook Likes ?? What is the best way  to do this??There are many ways […]

Get traffic to your site

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First of all we have to know about features of SEO friendly Website.That Feature have a capability to get more traffic and make your rank.Follow this Tips for make a SEO friendly website. Flash Pages should not be included in your website:- Because Search engines does not read flash contents.  If you add flash pages in […]

Magento Vs Opencart

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Comparison between  Magento and OpenCart: It is next to impossible to complete all the feature these platforms has to offer. They are constantly evolving platforms with thousand of users supporting the open source effort. Both are sophisticated eCommerce Platforms and Both Magento and OpenCart are using PHP as Core and Supports multiple languages and allow […]